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Plugins - Modules

To keep The Uniform Server footprint as small as possible a range of modules (plugins) is provided. These are self-extracting 7z archives. Installing a module requires nothing more than double clicking on the module (plugin) file.

The extraction process creates folders and copies files to appropriate location within the server architecture. Generally plugins are automatically detected and configured. However certain plugins require specific configuration, details are provided in the accompanying documentation with each plugin.

Installing plugins

Installing is a misnomer! Nothing is installed to your PCs registry all files are extracted to their appropriate location within the UniServer folder structure.

The extraction procedure unless stated in a plugins accompanying documentation is identical for all plugins, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the desired plugin – see list below for available plugins.
  2. Save to folder UniServerZ.
  3. If running, stop Uniform Server (Apache and MySQL) from UniController
  4. If running, exit UniController.
  5. Double click on the above installation file saved in UniServerZ folder. This runs the self-extracting archive.
  6. If prompted allow overwriting of existing files.
  7. If you wish; delete the installation file, it is no longer required.

Note: Each plugin contains a read-me file providing any additional instructions this is located in folder UniServerZ.

List of plugins

The following lists currently (23-6-2016) available plugins:

Default - (PHP installed as an Apache module) for details refer to Quick Start Guide page .

Plugin Name Component Name Size Description
ZeroXII_adminer_4_2_2.exe Adminer 4.2.2 0.38/0.45 MB MySQL admin alternative
ZeroXII_apache_2_4_20_h.exe Apache 2.4.20 2.9/11.3 MB Apache server built with OpenSSL/1.0.2h
ZeroXII_Controller_2_1_1.exe UniController 2.1.1 1.92/5.1 MB Server controller - Required main component - Added support for PHP 7
ZeroXII_documentation_1_0_1.exe Manual 1.0.1 2.39/3.33 MB UniServer-Zero documentation. HTML manual
ZeroXII_filezilla_server_0_9_46.exe FZ server 0.9.46
UniFzController 1.0.1
1.79/4.60 MB Portable: FileZilla Server V-0.9.46 with OpenSSL libraries.
ZeroXI_lua_1_0_1.exe Lua 1.0.1 0.38/0.87 MB Apache mod-lua & mod-plua: Docs, tutorial, extra modules, and examples
Use module from Uniform server ZeroXI
ZeroXII_mariadb_5_5_50.exe MariaDB 5.5.50 3.35/53.3 MB MariaDB server 5.5 Drop in replacement for MySQL 5.5 server.
ZeroXII_mariadb_10_0_25.exe MariaDB 10.0.25 3.85/50.8 MB MariaDB server 10.0.0 Drop in replacement for MySQL 5.6 server.
ZeroXII_mysql_5_5_50.exe MySQL 5.5.50 3.02/26.0 MB MySQL server 5.5
ZeroXII_mysql_5_6_31.exe MySQL 5.6.31 3.83/55.6 MB MySQL server 5.6
ZeroXII_mysqlautoback_1_0_0.exe UniDbBackup 1.0.0 0.91/2.42 MB Automatically create MySQL backups, FTP and E-Mail notification.
ZeroXII_palemoon_26_3_0.exe Pale Moon 26.3.0 23.7/37.4 MB Portable Pale Moon browser. Note support for Windows XP was dropped from version 25.0.0 onwards.
Pale Moon 26.1.1 uses new Goanna-based web browser (forked from Firefox/Mozilla code).
ZeroXII_pear_1_0_2.exe Pear go-pear 1.1.6 0.58/4.16 MB Pear and Pear frontend configured for portability.
Fails with PHP 7.0.0. Other PHP plugins OK
ZeroXII_php_5_3_29_h.exe PHP 5.3.29 14.1/57.3 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h and additional extensions.
ZeroXII_php_5_4_45_h.exe PHP 5.4.45 13.8/53.5 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h and additional extensions.
ZeroXII_php_5_5_36_h.exe PHP 5.5.36 13.9/54.2 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h
ZeroXII_php_5_6_22_h.exe PHP 5.6.22 14.1/54.9 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h
ZeroXII_php_7_0_8_h.exe PHP 7.0.8 13.7/51.7 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h
ZeroXII_phpmyadmin_4_4_15_7.exe phpMyAdmin 3.91/20.6 MB MySQL admin
Note: Required for MySQL and MariaDB requirements.
ZeroXII_phpmyadmin_4_6_3.exe phpMyAdmin 4.6.3 4.1/21.7 MB MySQL admin
ZeroXII_phpmybackuppro_2_5.exe phpMyBackupPro 2.5.0 0.26/0.63 MB phpMyBackupPro is a MySQL database backup tool written in PHP.
ZeroXII_strawberry_perl_5_22_1_1.exe Strawberry Perl 8.15/46.1 MB Full portable Strawberry Perl
ZeroXII_sypex_dumper_2_0_11.exe Sypex Dumper 2.0.11 0.24/0.32 MB Alternative to phpMyBackupPro database backup tool.
ZeroXII_uniservice_2_0_1.exe UniService 2.0.1 0.62/1.69 MB Run servers as a service.

Alternative - (PHP installed as fast cgi using Apache fcgid module) for details refer to Plugins - CGI page.

Plugin Name Component Name Size Description
ZeroXII_apache_fcgid_2_3_9_a.exe fcgid 2.3.9 + httpd.conf 0.19/0.09 MB Apache + httpd.conf First install ZeroXII_apache_2_4_*.exe
ZeroXII_php_nts_5_3_29_h.exe PHP nts 5.3.29 13.2/51.9 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h and additional extensions.
ZeroXII_php_nts_5_4_45_h.exe PHP nts 5.4.45 10.8/43.6 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h and additional extensions.
ZeroXII_php_nts_5_5_36_h.exe PHP nts 5.5.36 13.8/53.6 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h
ZeroXII_php_nts_5_6_22_h.exe PHP nts 5.6.22 13.9/54.0 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h
ZeroXII_php_nts_7_0_8_h.exe PHP nts 7.0.8 13.8/55.5.0 MB PHP version built with OpenSSl 1.0.2h
Will not run on Windows XP

Note 1: Size shows two values Compressed/Uncompressed
Note 2: You can use either one of two database servers MySQL or MariaDB. MariaDB is a drop in replacements for MySQL.
The controller makes no distinction between the two database servers; menu items and buttons reflect installed server.
Note 3: PHP skipped version 6! and went straight to version 7.

Module (Plugin) download information

Modules are downloable from SourceForge.

Pre-configured servers

Pre-configured servers are downloable from SourceForge.